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This fun and informative 90-minute magic workshop is designed to allow parents/guardians and children learn a new skill together.

This is especially suitable for the slightly younger children, in the age range of 6 to 11.

We find that children often initially focus on the methods of magic tricks. Having the parents/guardians and children learn together, we find that the parents can help the children master, practice and present the magic at home, and not forget some of the presentation suggestions that will be made.

This workshop will not require any previous experience of magic. Held in the Davenports Magic Studio (accessed via our shop in Charing Cross), we teach a selection of easy to master magic tricks that are effective and fun to perform.

There will also be a short performance at the end of the workshop by the tutor.

Most of the tricks that are taught use normal household objects such as pieces of paper, paperclips etc, but any specialist equipment is always supplied as part of the workshop, including playing cards.

The tutors are professional magicians, some who attended our original children’s magic club in the 1990s, and understand the inquisitive and experimental nature of children. They are happy to suggest ideas and help the children and parents/guardians develop their magic and presentational skills in a safe, supportive and positive environment.

The ticket price is for one adult and one child together. We try to keep the groups to a maximum of twelve people to allow the teacher to give everyone enough help during the practice sessions.

All materials are supplied, but not lunch or refreshments.